What To Expect From Your Home Inspection

If you've experienced a home inspection as a home buyer, you may have been left with the notion, "I just paid hundreds of dollars for a guy to tell me there's a leaky faucet in the master bathroom?".

At Stimmel Home Inspections, our priority is to ensure that the home your buying is safe for your family to move into the minute we leave. We'll point out that leaky faucet, along with other issues for you to take care of after move-in, but it's the safety issues needing immediate attention prior to move-in that we focus on in detail.

A typical inspection will take us approximately 3 hours and consists of a thorough evaluation of all systems required by State Law. We invite and encourage the home buyer and their real estate agent to join us at the home for a one-hour walk-through following the inspection. The walk-through is vital for pointing out the issues that will be addressed in the report.

Stimmel Home Inspections utilizes the best home inspection software in the industry to provide the most detailed and comprehensive reports available. In most cases, the report is prepared and ready for delivery by the following morning.

If your a home buyer, please tell your real estate agent that you'd like your home inspection provided by Stimmel Home Inspections. If your a real estate agent, please let your buyer know that a Stimmel Home Inspection will provide them with the piece of mind knowing their knew home will be inspected by the best in the industry.

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