Resources For Your New Home

Some common problems, and simple solutions for your home maintenance.

Problem: Settlement cracks through mortar joints and multicolored brick.
Solution: We've all seen gray colored caulk smeared into settlement cracks in brick veneer walls - the repair is almost always more noticeable than the crack itself. Multicolored brick seems impossible to repair without creating an eyesore, but there is an easy solution. You can find sanded caulk in the flooring department of the hardware giants, and it comes in dozens of colors. It's not cheap, but it has the grain of mortar, is flexible and will move with the seasonal movement of the crack, and with a little patience can blend with the multiple colors of the brick and mortar.

Problem: Slab Corner Pops.
Solution: Though unsightly, corner pops in slab foundations do not necessarily represent a structural concern. Often these failures are the result of the intense summer heat causing expansion and contraction of the brick veneer wall above. When you find a cracked corner on your slab foundation, we recommend sealing the crack, then monitoring the crack over the change in seasons. This not only gives you a good perspective on the amount of seasonal movement your home experiences, but it will prevent the loss of the corner as shown in this image.

Problem: Hidden issues in bathroom/kitchen remodel.
Solution: A common mistake made by homeowners and contractors alike involves covering up existing moisture and infestation problems while remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Moisture damage is always a concern in "wet rooms" and termites will often find their way up through gaps near plumbing rough-ins in the slab beneath these areas. All drywall in a bathroom or kitchen should be removed, inspections made, then replaced, during a remodel. Think about it - you want to find those small leaks or minor pest issues before you close up the stud walls for another 40 years! You don't want problems to surface after you've spent a small fortune on wall/shower/backsplash tile, painting, etc.

Problem: Dishwasher not draining.
Solution: If you've purchased a recently remodeled home with what appears to be a new dishwasher that empties into a new garbage disposal, start there. Remove the dishwasher drain hose from the garbage disposal and make sure the knock-out plug was removed before attaching the drain hose. This happens more than you can imagine. Regardless of the age of your dishwasher, NEVER use detergent packets! The packets often burst rather than disolve. This not only leaves detergent stains on the interior, but the plastic packets often clog up your dishwasher's drain outlet.

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